The Basics


Soft & comfortable

  • Improves sleep quality
  • Comfortable fitted sheets (sold separately)


  • Disperses excess heat
  • Increases the flow of oxygen
  • Eliminates CO2
easy caring

Easy to care for

  • Waterproof mattress cover for easy cleaning

    The Basics

    • Developed by a Medical Doctor in California
    •  unique woven cradle contours to the shape of the baby’s head, avoiding damaging pressure
    • Lifenest’s contact surface with a baby’s head is larger than conventional mattresses allowing a more even distribution of pressure.
    • Pressure is redistributed away from soft spots
    • Reduces the need for repositioning techniques
    • Helps prevent flat head syndrome
    • Free airflow through the netting prevents rebreathing
    • Allows the newborn to breathe through the netting if he or she accidentally rolls onto the stomach
    • Reduces sweating and overheating
    • Soft and comfortable
    • Safe and Secure

    yellow mattress

    A safer night sleep for babies