Lifenest at Home


Distributes pressure evenly, helping to
prevent & treat Flat Head Syndrome. 

Lifenest™'s unique woven cradle contours to the shape of your baby's head.  Unlike traditional mattresses, this allows a more even distribution of  pressure, redistributing it away from soft spots, helping to avoid the pressure build-up that can cause Flat Head Syndrome.

Improves airflow and breathability,
 reducing the need for re-positioning techniques and the risk of SIDS

The soft and comfortable netting also allows for free airflow.  This reduces sweating and overheating.  It also means, should the baby accidentally roll onto their stomach, they can breathe through the netting.  This reducing the risk of SIDS.


Suitable for all ages: 

Lifenest™ is available in both bassinet and cot sizes. The bassinet fits babies up to approximately 5 months of age The cot mattress fits babies until they transition out of their crib