Lifenest used in Healtcare

Pediatric ENT Specialist, Dr. Jose Bensoussan, prescribe to improve the health of babies by creating products that can be beneficial for their initial stages of growth. Lifenest™ low pressure mattress bassinets designed for hospital incubator, for many pediatricians and Infant Sleep Specialists prescribe Lifenest for Plagiocephaly prevention and treatment associated with Physical Therapy especially in case of Torticollis.

The Lifenest can be used at birth (preemies recommended) when the skull is more malleable while the helmet molding therapy can be used only after 4 month-old, costs 10 times more and has side effects. Disposable sheets reduce the transfer of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs)

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Lifenest™ for incubators for bassinets and for hospital cribs.