Lifenest in Hospitals

Lifenest™  was developed specifically for infant care in hospitals worldwide

They have been carefully designed to cradle the baby’s head, increasing the contact surface to distribute the pressure evenly. This helps prevent of positional Plagiocephaly (Flat Head Syndrome), pressure ulcers, re-breathing, sweating, overheating, and hospital-acquired infections. It also improves comfort, sleep quality and phototherapy treatments among newborns.


"LifeNest is helping us reduce the babies stay in the NICU and sending them home to their families where they belong."
-Charles Simmons, MD
Chair of the Department of Paediatrics and Director of the Division of Neonatology at Cedars Sinai

"We are interested in theses mattresses because with the lower surface tension,
we expect less risk of head flattening and less pressure ulcers."

-Ellen Mack, RNC MN
Neonatal clinical nurse specialist at Cedars Sinai


To find out more about the Lifenest™ range for hospitals contact us on 1300 857 123

This range includes Lifenest™ mattresses suitable for GE Giraffe, Drager Caleo and Drager Isolette 8000 Incubators as well as disposable cover sheets and diamond phototherapy sheets.