About Lifenest


Ubimed® (the company behind the Lifenest brand)  was founded in Los Angeles by Doctor Jose Bensoussan, a French Medical Doctor, specializing in Ear, Nose and Throat who invented and patented the first battery operated nasal aspirator for babies, that uses disposable nozzle pieces.

In 2009, Ubimed® introduced in the US the Cleanoz® Saline solution for all ages, Preservative Free, housed in convenient and hygienic single use applicators, BPA free, 100% recyclable.

After witnessing a friend's agony over losing a daughter to SIDS, Dr Bensoussan was driven to create a product, Lifenest, that would allow babies a safer night's sleep.


In 2011, after 4 years of intensive research and development, Ubimed® introduced the LifeNest® topper, the highly breathable sleeping system for babies.

This patented Sleeping system was specially designed by a Physician for the babies’ comfort..

While sleep is the most important aspect of a newborn’s life, it is also the main cause of anxiety for parents.  “LifeNest™ Highly Breathable Sleeping System, designed for babies’ comfort is safe, friendly, and easy to use,” said Dr. Jose Bensoussan, Ubimed® President.


LifeNest™ maintains naturally babies on a back-sleeping position recommended by pediatricians while allowing unrestricted movements promoting babies relaxation.

LifeNest provides your baby with a comfortable curved surface when placed on his or her back. This in turn increases the contact surface, redistributing pressure and making your baby sleep more comfortably.

2015 saw the launch of the Full Size LifeNest™ mattress, applying the verified concept of the hammock mattress to a much larger surface supporting heavier and bigger babies! Up to age 3!

In 2017, Ubimed® launches the LifeNest™ for bassinet, specially designing one of the the Halo Bassinest!

2017 Ubimed® proudly appoints Protect-A-Bed® as it's Lifenest
distribution partner in Australia and New Zealand.