Mattress Design

The supportive mesh design on the LifeNest™ Sleep System provides a soft surface that cuddles the baby. If a baby rolls over, the mesh fabric and venting channels allow the baby to breathe straight through the netting, helping reduce the risk of suffocation. The LifeNest™ Sleep System is designed with two canals on the bottom of the mattress that support an air circulation system. This system helps reduce sweating, overheating, and the risk of rebreathing exhaled air by increasing oxygen circulation around the baby.

    • Prevents and treats deformational Plagiocephaly (Flat Head Syndrome)
    • Prevents rebreathing and suffocation
    • Reduces risk of SIDS
    • Prevents sweating and overheating


    • Fire retardant free
    • Fire protected without additional harmful chemicals
    • BPA-free, phthalate-free, lead-free
    • Greenguard® Gold certified


    • Improves sleep quality
    • Disperses CO2 exhaled by infants by increasing airflow
    • Prevents sweating


    • LifeNest™ fitted sheets specially designed to work with
      LifeNest™ mattress topper
    • LifeNest™ sheets are breathable and washable
    • Secured by straps directly fastened to cot slats