"I can say that this bed along with the other things that we did to keep our baby's head from resting on hard/semi-hard surfaces for an extended amount of time paid off. I'd also cite the fact that we "caught" it early enough to take corrective action before he got too old and our options ran out."

Amazon Customer

"Love this thing, does what it is suppose to do and is very effective. I wish I found this when she was a newborn. I started using this when she was 6 months, so her flat head wasn't that bad. Now I don't have to worry about her head becoming flat again when I put her to sleep. I still use the mattress and she is 5 months already. I just wish they had bigger sizes for when she grows out of this one."

Amazon Customer

"He's now 15 wks and his head shape feels so much better. We will cont to use as long as possible. By 5 months I imagine he will have outgrown the mattress. but it was worth the $100 hands down!"

Amazon Customer